Pre-order your organic cayenne pepper plant for spring planting season. We expect the first batch of plants to be available for pick up in as early as mid-April; however, that is all dependent on the weather as we do not want to sell too early.


Our pepper plants are grown using USDA certified organic and non-GMO seeds and using certified organic soil. All plants come in a disposable, plastic container.


Each container can contain approximately 2 plants, depending on the seeding.


Tremendous flavor on first bite, with warm heat that lingers. Thick enough for a bit of crunch when eaten fresh, but thin enough to dry easily. Just enough heat to satisfy "pepper heads"—who can eat the peppers whole—but mild enough to slice thinly onto a salad. Makes excellent powder, flakes, and hot sauce. Also nice fried or in stir fries.


***Image is for representation only and final product may differ***

Organic Cayenne Pepper Plant

  • The plants that we sell are live and in good condition upon pick up. Since this is a live plant, we cannot accept returns  once the plant leaves our facility as it is your responsibility to keep the plant alive once it leaves our premises.